• CDO CLUB Israel Present

    Transforming #2, 2017

    Digital people, Digital Business, Digital Technologies

  • CDO CLUB Israel Present : Transformig #2

    Digital people

    The Event For Digital Business Leaders And Technology Innovators.
    Join us to learn how technology and new capabilities transform your organization to a thoroughly digital business.

  • CDO CLUB Israel Present : Transformig #2

    Digital Business

    Digital has transformed the market for every business. The pace of change and competition is accelerating,
    don't stay behind, join our digital leaders and lead your business through the digital journey.

Are You Ready to Tranform, Joing Our Summit.

Main Event : November 29, 2017

Workshop day : November 30, 2017

join 1,500 of the country’s brightest Digital, thechnology and business leaders, start-up founders, and other innovators, for our yearly Digital Summit, In these 2 days event, we will bring forward the most important themes and discussions in digital & business transformation.

28/11/17 - Reception Cocktail

when : November 28 2017 18:00 PM Venue: TBD

A reception cocktail and smart business Pitch night with our key guest speakers and C-level executives.

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29/11/17 - Main Summit

when : November 29 2017 08:00 AM Venue: Lago Events

Transforming 2017

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30/11/17 - WorkShop Day

when : November 30 2017 08:00 Venue: Shavit Center

Workshops Day

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Keynote Speakers

We are are proud to host one of the leading digital transformation influencers

Brian Solis
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst, Altimeter

Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company. He is also an award-winning author,prominent blogger/writer, and keynote speaker.
A digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business and society.
He is a regular contributor to leading business and industry publications including Adage, Forbes, Wired,VentureBeat among others. Brian is also an official LinkedIn Influencer with over 500,000 people on Linkedin,Twitter and Facebook. For more information on Brian Solis, click here.

Author of the books :
Brian Solis
Brian Solis
Brian Solis
Brian Solis

Event Speakers

בריאן סוליס

Brian Solis


מרק גאמביל

Mark Gambill


מילאן גונטר

Milan Guenther

Enterprise Design Associates

טים בורג

Tim Burge

Director, Marketing Strategy
Oracle Israel

פטריק הופסטטר

Patrick Hoffstetter


דויד מתיסון

David Mathison


אילן רביב

Ilan Raviv

Meitav Dash

אורן שגיא

Oren Sagi

General manager
Cisco Israel

משה מרי

Moshe Marie

Business Executive officer
Nespresso Israel

ליאור קודנר

Lior Kodner


לירז מרגלית

Liraz Margalit

Head of Behavioral Research

עמית קמה

Amit Kama

Kamedia Digital

דן בלטר

Dan Balter


ניצן אלמוג-עברון

Nitzan Almog Evron

Head of Media Agencies
Facebook Israel

מעין טירנגל

Maayan Tirangel

Marketing & Acquisition

שיר זכאי

Shir Zakai


לירן שכטר

Liran Shechter

Digital Strategy Expert
SAP Israel

תימור גורדון

Timor Gordon

NewCommerce Pioneering

אסנת גולן

Osnat Golan

VP Comm & Digital
Strauss Group

אייל גנזל

Eyal Genzel

The Jewish Agency For Israel

תומר גרציאני

Tomer Graziani

eCommerce Channel Manager
Kimberly Clark Israel

מני דהן

Meni Dahan

Head of eCommerce, CX & Digital
hye Group

גדי מאירסון

Gadi Mairson

Digital Leader

גיל כוכבי

Gil Kochavi

Business Consulting

מיכאל מיטרני

Michael Mitrani

Head of Digital & Innovation

לילך בן ארצי

Lilach Ben Artzi Levy

Maccabi Health care Services

עומר מילבצקי

Omer Milwidsky

Meitav Dash

ורדית גיבנדטר

Vardit Givandeter

VP Marketing
Leumi Card

אילן כהן

Ilan Cohen

Co-founder, Partner & Director

שי גוטמן

Shay Guttman

Chief Digital & Information Officer
UPS Israel

דויד אלהרר

David Elharar

Chief of Storytelling
DeStory-Be Inspiring

עומר גונן

Omer Gonen


יוראי גבריאל

Yorai Gabriel


אדם וולף

Adam Woolf

Marketing & Sales Solution Expert
SAP Israel

More Speakers Comming Soon !!

Event Program

Are You Ready to Tranform, Joing Our Summit.

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Our Venue

Lago Events
6, HaMea VeEsrim St, Rishon LeTsiyon


Enterprise Design Workshop

when : November 30 2017 08:30 AM
Venue: Shavit Center

Join us for a one day workshop introducing you to the Enterprise Design Framework: you will learn a rapid, co-creative and lean approach to transform enterprises based on a systemic, holistic framework. It is designed to tackle key challenges such as digital transformation, customer orientation and innovation in a context of organisational complexity. A unique blend of tools combines rapid Google/GV-style Design Sprints adapted to the Enterprise context with Systems Thinking and Modelling, embracing complexity rather than ignoring it.

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Digital Body Language (DBL) WorkShop

when : November 30 2017 08:30 AM
Venue: Shavit Center

Conversion rate is the ultimate goal for any business, but a good conversion rate doesn’t always equate to a good customer experience and vice versa. Understanding the experiences of people on your site may seem like one of the hardest things to do, but innovative businesses are now realizing that measuring their customers’ online experiences can set them apart from the competition. Join us for a Digital CX Workshop and learn to analyze your customers digital body language online.

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