• CDO CLUB Israel Present

    Transforming #3, 2018

    Digital people, Digital Business, Digital Technologies

  • CDO CLUB Israel Present : Transformig #3,

    Digital people

    The Event For Digital Business Leaders And Technology Innovators.
    Join us to learn how technology and new capabilities needed to transform your organization to a thoroughly digital business.

  • CDO CLUB Israel Present : Transformig #3

    Digital Business

    Digital has transformed the market for every business. The pace of change and competition is accelerating,
    don't stay behind, join our digital leaders and lead your business through the digital journey.

Are You Ready to Tranform, Joing Our Summit.

CDO CLUB IL Summit : November 13, 2018

Workshop day : Nov 13, 2018

join 1,500 of the country’s brightest Digital, thechnology and business leaders, start-up founders, and other innovators, for our yearly Digital Summit, In these 2 days event, we will bring forward the most important themes and discussions in digital & business transformation.


Look what happened on CMO CLUB Summit 2017 : Transforming #2 2017

12/11/2018 - Reception Cocktail

when : Nov 12 2018 18:00 PM Venue: Whiskey Bar & Museum

A reception cocktail with our key guest speakers and C-level executives.

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13/11/2018 - Main Summit

when : Nov 13 2018 08:00 AM Venue: Lago Events

Transforming #3 2018

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13/11/2018 - Tom Fishburne WorkShop

when : Nov 13 2018 08:00 Venue: Lago Soul Room


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Keynote Speakers

We are are proud to host one of the leading digital transformation influencers

Tom Fishburne
Chief Marketoonist

Tom speaks regularly as a Marketoonist about marketing and innovation, using cartoons and case studies to tell the story visually. The Huffington Post ranked his South by Southwest talk the third best of the conference out of 500. Tom delivers his message with a unique blend of humor and insight. Tom's Website marketoonist : click here.

Some of tome's work :

Event Speakers

Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne

Chief Marketoonist

Kristoff Copmans

Kristoff Copmans

Senior Transformation Architect

Ian Mayor

Ian Mayor

Director of Product Management EMEA

Keith Fenner

Keith Fenner

Dynamics 365 Business Group Director

דויד מתיסון

David Mathison


פטריק הופסטטר

Patrick Hoffstetter


Seri Nabeshima

Seri Nabeshima

Chief Global Officer
CDO Club Japan

אילן שפיגל

Ilan Spiegel

Territory manager

Nuno Esculcas

Nuno Esculcas

Director EMEA OEM Sales

Hema Pratapa

Hema Pratapa

Co-Founder Vitara Analytics
Vitara Analytics

דן כהן

Dan Cohen

Sales Engineer Israel

ברק נרדי

Barak Nardi

CEO of Diners & Deputy CEO of Cal
Visa CAL

פרנק סידי

Franck Sidi

General Manager, Pivotal
Dell EMC

עמית קמה

Amit Kama

Kamedia Digital

מיכל לוצקי

Michal Lodzki


עדי שטיין

Adi Stein

i.am+ Israel

אדוה לוין

Adva Levin

Pretzel Labs

מני דהן

Meni Dahan

Head of eCommerce, CX & Digital
hye Group

David  Launay

David Launay

Technical Sales Leader in Analytics and Machine Learning

מיטל רביב

Meital Raviv

Head of Digital
Bank Leumi

אמיר פורקוש

Amir Forkosh

Advanced Technologies & Solutions

Javier Valladares

Javier Valladares

Senior Sales Engineer

ניר רון

Nir Ron


נועם פיין

Noam Fine

General Manager
i.am+ Israel

אבי אלקיים

Avi Elkayam

Head of customer experience
Discount Bank

שירלי קנטור

Shirley Kantor

Corporate responsibility

ענבר סיוון

Inbar Sivan

Hever human capital

ארנון ברזיאלי

Arnon Barzilay

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Senior Account Executive

יוסי זאדה

Yossi Zadah

VP Business Development, Voice.AI

מיכל מגן

Michal Magen

Record service quality

אורלי פרנק

Orly Frank


שירי עמירם

Shiri Amiram


עידית משה

Idit Moshe

CX Expert & Business Consultant

שלומי בן פורט

Shlomi Ben-porat

Israel Site IT Manager
Intel Israel

עדי זמיר

Adi Zamir

Pink of View

אלכס ספוקויני

Alex Spokoiny

Head of IT Applications
Check Point

עידו ביגר

Ido Biger

Chief Data Officer

אייל גנזל

Eyal Genzel

The Jewish Agency For Israel

קובי שממה

Kobi Shamama

Platform Architect, Pivotal
Dell EMC

עידו בירמן

Ido Birman

Head of Biz Dev and innovation

אבישי פריץ

Avishay Pariz

Founder. Israeli voice & PA community

שירלי שהם קליין

Shirli Shoham Klein

Head of digital & innovation
First International Bank of Israel

טל  לנגביץ אברהם

Tal Langevich avraham

CDO - head of digital & innovation
Clal Insurance

יוסי הרדמן

Yossi Erdman

Head of Digital
iDi insurance

ליה רבין

Lia Rabin

MicroStrategy project manager

More Speakers Comming Soon !!

Event Program

Are You Ready to Tranform, Joing Our Summit.

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Our Venue

Lago Events
6, HaMea VeEsrim St, Rishon LeTsiyon


Workshop : Increasing Conversion with Web Psychology

when : November 13 2018 15:30 PM - 17:30 PM
Venue: Lago Events

AS with rellife interaction we need to better undrstand our customers behaviour so we can better engage with them and meet their needs. In this Workshop we will lern practical tool and thinking techniques that will support our ability to better understnd the expected behavior of the target audience of our digital assets. With those techniques we'll be able to Maximizing our Digital and business goals by increasing sales through digital channels, increasing the use of various digital applications or assets, and improving customer loyalty..

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WorkShop : Bringing Ideas to Life with Visual Storytelling 

when : November 13 2018 15:30 PM - 17:30 PM
Venue: Lago Events

Doodling is the simplest form of prototyping. In a time of digital transformation, organizations need to rapidly iterate and share ideas. Yet organizations often commit “Death by PowerPoint”, relying on lengthy internal presentations that can stifle creative thinking. In this hands-on workshop, Marketoonist Tom Fishburne will teach visual storytelling techniques to help bring ideas to life. We will work individually and collaboratively to develop creative solutions to the greatest challenges in digital transformation.

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