• Digital & innovation Mastsers (CDO CLUB Israel) Present

    Transforming #4, 2020

    Adapt, Transform, Distrupt

  • Digital & innovation Mastsers (CDO CLUB Israel) Present : Transformig #4,

    Adapt (to digital)

    The Event For Digital Business Leaders And Technology Innovators.
    Join us to learn how to adapt to the ever evolving digital economy and new roles of competition.

  • Digital & innovation Mastsers (CDO CLUB Israel) Present : Transformig #4,

    Transform (Your business)

    Digital has transformed the market for every business. The pace of change and competition is accelerating,
    don't stay behind, join our digital leaders and lead your business through the digital transformation journey.

  • Digital & innovation Mastsers (CDO CLUB Israel) Present : Transformig #4,

    Disrupt (your industry)

    Don't wait to be disrupted, lead the way
    Transform your value proposition and Disrupt you industry. Take the lead, don't fall behind.

#4 2020
May 18, 2020 ( East-TLV, Meitav St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo)
Join 1,500 of the country’s brightest Digital, thechnology and business leaders, start-up founders, and other innovators, for our yearly Digital Transfomration Summit. The only summit in Israel that brings to Israel iconic digital thought leaders like Brian Solis, Tom fishburne and many others. Join the discussion that will help you Adapt to Digital, Transfom Your Business and Disrupt your industry.


Look what happened on CDO CLUB Summit's 2017 & 2018 :

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Keynote Speakers

We are are proud to host one of the leading digital transformation influencers

Scott Brinker_KeyNote
Scott Brinker
Chief Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker credited with bringing marketing technology (MarTech) to the forefront. Scott has led the charge and helped shape the martech industry with his marketing technology landscape super graph, a monumental visualization of the global martech vendors. This graph has grown from 150 vendors back in 2011 to over 7,000+ in its latest release in 2019. If that was not enough Scott is the Editor and creator of chiefmartec.com marketing technologist blog, author of bestselling book 'Hacking Marketing. For more information visit Scott's Website chiefmartec : click here.

Some of Scott's work :

Event Speakers

David Mathison CEO @ CDOCLUB

דויד מתיסון
David Mathison is the curator of the Chief Digital Officer Summit and founder of the CDO Club. He is one of the leading authority's on Chief Digital and Data officers. He was previously the founder and Managing Director of the Digital Media practice at Chadick Ellig. And is the author of the best seller Be The Media. David has been quoted by the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, McKinsey & Company and more.

Scott Brinker Editor at chiefmartec.com, Program Chair of MarTech @ MarTech

סקוט ברינקר
Scott Brinker credited with bringing marketing technology (MarTech) to the forefront. Scott has led the charge and helped shape the martech industry with his marketing technology landscape super graph. Scott is the Editor and creator of chiefmartec.com and the conference chair for the MarTech conference in th U.S.

Ory Rinat CDO and Deputy Assistant to the President @ The White House

אורי רינת
Ory Rinat serves as Deputy Assistant to the President and White House CDO. Before joining government, he oversaw digital strategy for The Heritage Foundation. Ory was previously a director at Atlantic Media Strategies, the digital consultancy of The Atlantic. There, he developed overarching digital and communications strategies for clients including Fortune 100 corporations, non-profits, advocacy organizations, and think tanks.

Amit Kama CEO @ Kamedia Digital

עמית קמה
CEO and Founder of Kamedia Digital, an Israeli based interactive studio and digital strategic consulting company focused on making design-driven digital products in a new era of connected customers and digital businesses. Founder of the CDO Club in Israel, the first and largest Israeli community of C-suite digital, data and innovation leaders

Michal Magen CEO @ Record service quality

מיכל מגן

Mark Granot GM Israel @ Applause

מרק גרנות
Entrepreneur and experienced executive, with over 20 years of business development and sales experience with Israeli startups and leading hi-tech companies. Recently concluded a successful exit at RATIO, a startup that developed unique software solutions for the international retail petrol industry.

Marina Shapira Head of Behavioral Research @ Oracle

מרינה שפירא
An expert in helping companies extract business value from data, with her unique ability is to lead data teams to turn numbers into an understanding of people's behavior. This translates into actionable insights and design solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business value.

Alon Schwartz Head of Digital and Data Division @ Clalit Health Services

אלון שורץ
Deep understanding of the digital world, from strategy to Technology, Comprehensive knowledge and experience in developing digital businesses, strategy planning of digital activities for large corporations. Highly experienced in planning and managing large digital activities, product management, project management, system analysis and software development.

Ohad Reich Head of Marketing, Digital & Credit Cards @ Bank Yahav

אוהד רייך
Marketing executive with experience of running campaigns, PR, managing marketing budget and operational marketing. An exceptional people manager and skilled communicator who inspires and motivates teams to achieve outstanding results.

Dana Pollack-Olsher Head of Strategy & Digital Marketing @ Paz & Yellow

דנה פולק אולשר
Extensive experience in business development, building partnerships with key business partners in Israel and abroad. Implemented and integrated monetization using data, prediction and ML leading to outstanding growth in customer loyalty.

Shirley Kagan Head of data department @ Shufersal

שירלי כגן
Extensive experience of over 15 years in data and analytics department, in highly competitive markets. Leading data and economics departments including advance analytics modeling, customer experience analysis, promotions, profitability, business plans, economic analysis, financial reports and pricing studies. Frequent use of big data bases using various tools (DWH, BI, ERP) My experience spreads across various industries including Hi – Tech, Communications and Retail

Eli Zohar Head of Digital Business & Marketing @ Neopharm

אלי זהר
More than 10 years of extensive experiences in Digital strategy, Marketing ,Innovation, eCommerce ,Big data and Marketing automation with proven growth results.

Mina seligman CMO-Directing Corporate Marketing @

מינה סליגמן
Top notch executive, highly experienced in leading business, digital and marketing strategy at top global and local companies: A Skillful at leveraging technology, business intelligence, analyzing data and gaining business insights. Professional in leading digital departments, innovative technological units, generating growth engines and significant revenue increase.

Dan Brahmy Co-Founder @ Cyabra

דן ברהמי
Dan is the Co-Founder and CEO at a company named Cyabra, and spent the last few years in Consulting & Business Development, with a heavy focus on the Digital World. Dan has years of experience in business development including multi million dollar deals and fundraising.

Nir Ron CEO @ FoodOcean

ניר רון

Yifat Ben Dov Weinberg VP Marketing @ Libra

יפעת בן דוב וינברג
Marketing executive with extensive experience of 15 years in marketing strategy and branding, marketing communication, advertising and digital marketing, in the insurance and finance industry.

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